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The Step-By-Step Framework to Starting a Successful Online Business that Makes at Least $1000 a Month

...even if this is your very first online business.

In the past five years, I’ve worked with so many different business owners and even made multiple 6 figures from my own business.

But it wasn’t always like that.

There was a time when I was literally kicked out of my apartment because I couldn’t afford to pay the rent. Just to be clear, this is not one of those movies when “love and friendship” overcame in the end, and I didn’t have to move. No. This is reality, and in my reality, I was given less than 48 hours to pack all my bags and evacuate the premises.

Luckily enough, I was able to stay in an apartment with my friend for a while.

So, here I was, incredibly homeless and supremely broke. I was so broke that I couldn’t even afford to buy toiletries (and I’m a girl). 

To make matters worse, I was supposed to be studying to retake the Pharmacology exams that I failed.

Oh, about that, I was a medical student, and I had failed Pharmacology– the part of medicine that deals with medications and drugs. To retake the exams, my school needed me to pay $150.

So, let's recap:

🙅🏾‍♀️  No home

🤫  Secretly “hiding out” in my friend’s apartment (couldn’t let the landlady find out I was staying there rent-free)

😅 Involuntarily cashless, AKA effortlessly moneyless, AKA flat broke

And, most importantly, crying myself to sleep every other day. 😭

How was I supposed to raise $150?

So, with a little bit of motivation, I did
the only thing I thought would help:


I went on Google and started pounding in a gazillion searches per hour:

I went through pages and pages of Google and read articles upon articles. I had nothing else to do. I couldn’t go to school without school fees, and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. So I just made the most of my housemate’s WiFi.

By the end of the first month alone, I had read over 200,000 words on making money online and watched a least 100 hours of YouTube videos.

If a movie director was following my life, he could have started a show called Desperate College Student

I tried everything! And by everything, I mean that I even fell for those ads that promise to pay you after you answer just a few surveys.

Then, in a series of eureka moments, I started seeing a few buzz words repeating themselves— words like 

Freelancer, Funnels, Social media management, Email management 😩

I discovered that people were getting paid to help other people grow their businesses. Essentially, there was an entire industry of businesses specifically set up and designed to support other businesses and business owners.

These “Virtual Assistants” — VAs, as they are called, were the online equivalent of physical personal assistants, except that they had a wider range of skills.

The part that really caught my attention was that VAs don’t need many things to get started. In fact, you can literally start with zero dollars if you already have a laptop and access to the internet.

Here are a few reasons why:

Location Independence

You can help your clients from any part of the world. Yes, some clients might prefer their VAs to be from a specific part of the world, but the majority of people out there don’t care, as long as their work is done well and on time.

No formal education requirements

A high school dropout has about equal chances as a college graduate. In fact, in some cases, clients prefer VAs with less formal qualifications because those VAs are still willing to learn and don’t think they know everything.

No licensing or certification requirements

There is no “International Organisation of Virtual Assistant Certification Program” that goes around checking who is qualified to work as a VA. If you can do the job, and the client is willing to pay you, that’s all that matters. No exams or licensing fees to needed.

And there are many more reasons that convinced me to become a Virtual Assistant.

But I had just one problem

How on earth does a Virtual Assistant get clients?

Since I didn’t have a clue how to get clients, and I wasn’t exactly the most patient person, I decided to ask for help. (Looking back, this is probably the only time where impatience was actually a good thing.)

So I entered a Facebook group with the most number of VAs I could find and then I asked a question that looked a lot like this:

“I’m new and I just learned about Virtual Assistance. How does someone become a VA and get clients?”

Someone saw my post and was also looking for a new VA to hire. So she told me she would hire me.

This is where most stories say “and the rest is history”. But, again, painfully, my reality was VERY different from a “happily ever after” story.

My first client wasn’t the light at the end of the tunnel 😔

If anything, my first client was the beginning of a very long and difficult tunnel. Lol. Working with her taught me a lot about the online space, work ethic, perseverance, persistence, tenacity, and a lot of other vague and deep words that later made sense in my life… But it didn’t give me money!

She paid me $150 per month (exactly how much I needed to retake Pharm), but that money came with some crazy working hours.

This was in 2017. I used to wake up at 5 AM and go to sleep at 2 AM the next day. There was no such thing as personal time, study time, resting time, or leisure time. Every moment my eyes were open, I had tasks that I needed to check off my to-do list — client work, not my personal work.

My housemate kept saying I was doing “modern-day slave trade” and we would laugh about it. But I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to make my own money and buy my own basic necessities. I wanted to have money to contribute to at least contribute 10% of the bills.

“Maybe… just maybe…”, I thought, “this business can even become something big and pay the rent for a full apartment.”

But that wouldn’t happen until many months later.

a little discovery...

While I was unintentionally living my rags-to-riches stories, I noticed three important things about the VA industry:

I didn’t have time; I was a medical student studying to retake an exam. I had back pain and swollen feet from sitting too long on a laptop. Speaking of, my laptop was an ancient second-hand abomination with just 2GB RAM, a cracked screen, and a noisy fan. Not to mention… I’m a Nigerian, and half the internet expects us to be scammers (#NigerianPrinceEmails). 

Look, I had enough excuses to fill an entire blog post article. But I soon realised that there were people in worse conditions making better choices than I was and earning more. One dude, for instance, started an entire online business with just a phone and was soon earning more than me. He didn’t even have a laptop!

While I was earning $150 per month, there were other kinds of VAs who were bringing in $15K months. We might have been getting the same bread, but theirs definitely had butter on it.

There are no real overnight successes. People work in silence for 5 to 10 years before they hit that “overnight success” stage that goes viral online. They may not have not been working on one thing for 5 to 10 years, but be sure that they were in fact doing a lot of work on themselves for that long.

BUT… There is another kind of overnight success that happens online. People hire coaches and teammates to help them grow. Essentially, they have access to all the experiences of the successful coach, and their efforts are multiplied by the support of their business teammates. What a normal person could achieve in 12 months, they would achieve it in 3! That blew my mind!

Multi Layer Image

So, I mentally made up a few rules for myself:

Focus and do the work, and stop being and whining victim.

​Aim for the bread and butter. Feel free to add a little tea and sugar too.

Get all the help and insight you can get. There’s no need to run 100 miles when someone has already invented cars!

It was a real dilemma for me, and for a very long time, I just kept telling people that I was going to find something for them.

I sent links, recommended courses, referred to articles, books, and videos… But none of the resources I found could explain things from my point of view, and that was a problem.

You see, when people come to me, they don’t ask “how can I make money online?” They ask “can you show me how to make money online?” There’s a difference. In the first question, a person’s just asking to know what ideas are out there. But in the second question, a part of them wants to know how I did it: me, Belema, the formerly financially challenged AKA desperately broke girl.

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

If I could do it, anyone, and I mean literally anyone with a laptop and access to the internet, can become a Virtual Assistant too and create a job for themselves out of thin air!

Within a few months, I started seeing the fruit of my labor.

 A few years later, I had gone from making $150 per month, to signing on a $12K client,started paying my own rent; yes, that kind of fruit. 

Now, that's a big jump!

Multi Layer Image

People noticed my “overnight success” and started asking me for advice. Before long, I started getting emails, DMs, voice notes, comments, and even physical meetings with people asking me to teach them.

I had two options. First, I could give generic advice like “work hard, read a lot, and never give up on your dreams.” But responses like that never helped me do anything. I doubted that it would help the people I was speaking with. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for motivation. But once a person is motivated, they need definite steps, not more motivation.

With my business now somewhat successful and still growing, I had more day-to-day responsibilities. I had clients who were counting on me to show up to my commitments. I didn’t have the time to become a full-time online business teacher. So, my second option was to take just one person at a time one-on-one; or, at most, three people.

But how do you listen to 50 people’s stories and pick only 3 to work with while telling the other 47 an outright “NO”?

What criteria do you use?

So, after going over some ideas with my coach and some business friends, I decided to create an online course.

This course would teach everything I know about starting a Virtual Assistant business. 

No fluff, no vagueness, and no weird and shady business. This course will help you start your business and avoid the silly mistakes I made when starting out so that you have your own “overnight success” at a much faster rate.


Service Provider Academy

The Secret Formula to Starting a Successful Online Business That Makes at Least $1,000 a Month as a Virtual Assistant… even if this is your very first business.

Let's Break It Down


Solid Business Foundations

Here, you’ll learn the basics of starting a VA business: finding a niche, creating the packages you’ll sell, and pricing your services for profit. You’ll also learn about the LASER Framework from which will help you know what areas to focus on when starting your online business so that you don’t get distracted and lose momentum.

By the end of Phase 1, you would have:

Learned about the LASER Framework and created goals for your new VA business
​Picked a niche for your and chosen a name for your VA business
Discovered your ideal client/built out your ideal service structure
Set competitive prices that you’re confident in selling​ and designed your business brand


Authority-Building & Marketing

Now that your business has all the right foundations, the next step is to get clients. That’s what this phase is for.

In Phase 2, you’ll learn how to market your business, sign dream clients, and build authority as an expert in your chosen niche, even if you’re new to the VA business world. By the end of Phase 2, you would have learned how to:

Create content that brings you clients and properly market your services on social media in less than 30 minutes a day
Structure your online presence to be seen as the expert then use the tech and software that will help you market your business, without spending all your savings
Use discovery call strategies and sales processes to close the client, even if 1000 other people apply for the same job
Stand out while responding to job inquiries online and ensure you get the sale each time


System Automation, Leads, and Management

The goal of Phase 3 is to help you create systems and processes that bring in leads even when you’re asleep. When you start getting clients, you won’t always have time to get new clients. So, creating a way to get clients automatically will be a very great advantage to you. In this phase, you’ll also learn about managing your VA business.

By the end of Phase 3, you would have learned how to:

Use social proof to attract new clients effortlessly and without sleazy sales techniques
Get clients to sing your praises in testimonials without needing to beg for them
Get the same client to work with you over and over again while being your personal evangelists 
Manage the backend of your business, including finances, contracts, and SOPs

In addition to everything you’re getting in the 3 Phases, I’ll also be throwing in some bonuses to help you achieve your business goals much faster.

Private Facebook Group Access

When you sign up, you get 12-month access to a Private Facebook Group of other Virtual Assistants who will support you on your journey to building your own successful business.

Email Templates and Training

These are emails that you can use to respond to job offers or even reach out to business owners who are looking for some assistance. You’ll also get training videos to help you understand why these emails work, and what kinds of emails don’t.

Tech Tool Stack

Here, you’ll get tech recommendations that will help you set up your systems and processes. These tools work internationally and don’t cost thousands of dollars to set up.

Portfolio Template

Potential clients will sometimes ask for your portfolio– proof of your competence. Here, you’ll learn how to create your first portfolio so that you have something to show if necessary even if you've never worked with a client before

In this course, you’re going to get FULL Access to a fully updated system that will teach you everything you need to know about starting a Virtual Assistant business, right from the comfort of your own home.


Service Provider Academy

The Secret Formula to Starting a Successful Online Business That Makes at Least $1,000 a Month as a Virtual Assistant… even if this is your very first business.

You'll have a workspace in one of our business clubs that is as flexible as you are. For individuals or companies.

PHASE 1: Solid Business Foundations
(VALUE = $497)

PHASE 2: Authority Building and Marketing
(Value = $997)

PHASE 3: System Automation, Leads, and Management (Value = $1297)

BONUSES (Value = $497)

Total Value = $3,288

Today’s Price = $197

(Psst! Here’s a little secret. This course has not been fully launched to the public yet, so the price you’re seeing here is just for you. And every 2 weeks, the price goes up by $50 until it launches to the public at its actual launch price. In other words, this is the lowest price this course will ever be, and the last time it will ever be at this price.)

Surprise Bonus! 🎉 👉🏾


The first round of people that sign up before the course is launched will get access to live weekly group coaching calls. These coaching calls will be recorded and you’ll have 12-months access to it. 

That’s an additional $600 value added to your bonuses!

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s put things in perspective.

This course is not the Golden Elixir of Wealth that everyone can drink and have everlasting success. No, it isn’t. There are certain people that what I teach will NOT work for, and so I don’t recommend they buy it.

This will NOT work for you if:


You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and not a real business


You think having an online business means you get paid to do mostly nothing all day;


You don’t want to build a business. You just want one to two clients and then you quit;


You’re not willing to put in a minimum of 20 hours per week - that’s less than 3 hours a day - to build your business; and


You want to be spoonfed with everything and you’re not willing to do any work, research, or assignments using the info you get to grow your own business.

If you came to this page with any of these mindsets, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but this course is so not going to help you at all.

If however:

You’re serious about starting and growing your own online business;
​You understand that growing a business takes time and energy; and

​You’re willing to diligently take this course and implement what you learn;

…then this course is going to change your life for the better!

In it, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to build your business the right way from the start, avoid unnecessary mistakes, protect yourself from the most common legal and financial problems that Virtual Assistants face, and create systems and process to ensure that your company keeps growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access?

You'll receive login details to our member's area where you will be accessing all the content for the course

When does the course start?

The course begins on Monday 6th, September, the same time when we'll open up the member's area.

Why am I getting only 12-month access to the course?

It takes on average about 3 months to set up your Virtual Assistant business and make your first $1,000 if you know the right steps to take. Now, life happens, and you may not be able to finish the course and implement as fast as you would like. So I’m giving you a whole year of access. 

However, in my experience as a course instructor, students are less likely to return to a course if they know they’ll have Lifetime Access to it. So, this 12-month countdown will add a little external push to your motivation so that you can achieve your goals much faster.

How much can I make as a VA from this course

While I cannot make any guarantees, it is possible to make up to $10k a month by following the course step-by-step. The speed with which you hit these goals will depend on your speed of taking action.

Will this work for me?

Yes. The steps I teach in The VA Formula are simple and easy to implement. If you follow the steps and do the assignments, you will be able to create your own Virtual Assistant business and make your first $1,000 a month. I’ll also provide you with a roadmap and milestones so that you can know at every point how close you are to hitting your goals and what you need to do next to achieve success. 

Is there a payment plan?

No, there is no payment plan at the time.

What kind of support will I receive?

You’ll have 12-month access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask any question you want about your Virtual Assistant business and you’ll receive help. As they say, “two heads are better than one” and you’ll have a lot of Virtual Assistants going on their journey with you, and of course I’ll also be in the group to personally answer your questions.

Can I get a refund?

No. This course is not for people who are still kicking the tires and testing the waters. If you’re thinking “let me see what’s here, and if I don’t like it I’ll quit” then this course is not for you. 

I have spent a lot of time designing this course so that it is perfect for people who want to commit from the beginning to their success. If that’s you, then you’re going to absolutely love this course.

This is it. You have everything you need to create a successful Virtual Assistant business from the ground up. No fluff, no chaff… This is the real deal! 

And It’s decisions like this that can change your life forever. 

Stop dreaming of having a successful online business “someday”, and take charge of your success with The Service Provider Academy.

I’ll see you on the inside.

With love,

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